Product Information


1. AVNeo Standard Sizers (19/21/23/25/27/29 mm)
2. Left/right/non-coronary orientation dish
3. Leaflet-size identification sheet
4. Pericardium fixation plates
5. Leaflet tracing template
6. Glutaraldehyde Tray


AVNeo Small Sizers


AVNeo Large Sizers (31/33/35mm)

JD-005-CK1: AVNeo® Common Kit

- AVNeo® Standard Sizers (19/21/23/25/27/29 mm)
- Left/right/non-coronary orientation dish
- Leaflet-size identification sheet
- Pericardium fixation plates
- Leaflet tracing templates
- Glutaraldehyde tray


JD-005-LS1: AVNeo® Large Sizers

- Sizers intended for large aortic valves (31/33/35mm)

Intended to be used together with AVNeo® Common Kit

JD-005-SS1: AVNeo® Small Sizers

- Sizers intended for pediatric patients or small valves (13/15/17mm)

To be used together with AVNeo® Common Kit.