AVNeo™ Procedure Use for Pediatric Surgeons

AVNeo™ Sizer System for Pediatric Aortic Valve Reconstruction Surgery​

Management of aortic valve diseases in children is challenging as there are limitations in methods available currently. The aortic valve neocuspidization (AVNeo) procedure has emerged as a versatile alternative method for pediatric aortic valve reconstructions. Watch the videos below to learn more or look at the product information of the AVNeo™ Sizer System.

How I Do It: Aortic Valve Reconstruction Using the Ozaki Technique

Christopher W. Baird, Boston Children’s Hospital

Three-Leaflet Aortic Valve Reconstruction Utilizing the Ozaki Procedure in Patients with Congenital Aortic Valve Disease

Brenda Sefton, Mariana Chavez, Gerald Marx, *Pedro J. del Nido, *Christopher W. Baird