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JOMDD requires formal training prior to a surgeon starting the AVNeo procedure. The reason for this is to provide better outcome of the procedure and to ensure better result for the patient.
No surgeons shall be allowed to start the procedure without proper training from by a certified AVNeo Proctor.


Didactic Training

Everything starts from understanding the procedure. We will provide a step-by-step workbook so that the surgeon can have a comprehensive understanding of all of the necessary steps to implement a successful AVNeo procedure.


Aorta Model training model by AVNeo certified Proctor

After understanding the procedure, we will provide/sell a Aorta model can can be re-used for multiple training session. This Aorta model is perfect to do the actual training


Surgery observation / Scrub in

Depending on the patient situation, the trainee may have the opportunity to scrub in a observe closely for better learning.


First case

Implement the 1st case within 1 month after training


Requirement toward training

Please secure the 1st case and patient so that the AVNeo can be implemented after 1 month of training. This is to implement before the trainee has a fresh memory of the training


Required standards for surgeon to take training

  • – The Cardiac Surgeon belongs to a hospital actively performing heart valve surgery prior to AVNeo™ Procedure
  • – Cardiac Surgeon possesses minimum of 10 years experience
  • – Cardiac Surgeon must be implementing over 20 AVR cases per year
  • – Possesses Internal Authorization by hospital to perform AVNeo procedures and has a candidate patient that can be operated on 1 month after completion of training