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Benefits AVNeo



Compared to TAVR(TAVI) and Prosthetics valves AVNeo has various advantages. Though the lifespan of this procedure needs to by furtherly assessed, AVNeo can provide various contribution to patients that need only a shorter time of durability. The natural movement of the valve creates a natural movement of the Aorta itself.


AVNeo is as invasive as other procedures, such as implanting a prosthetic valve.

Proven Mid termDurability

The most long term data available is 12 years at this moment.

No need of Anti Coagulation

Anti-coagulation drugs often have a major contraindications associated to them. These contraindications often reduces the Quality of Life (QOL) for the patient. On the other hand, AVNeo does not require anti-coagulation and grants a normal life.

Wide Target Age

The age for AVNeo varies from Pediatric patients to Elderly patients. There have been reports that AVNeo has been implemented on a patients from under 1 year old to 90 years old.

Lower Cost burden to patient and health care sysytem

AVNeo does not require an expensive valve, but utilizes the patients own pericardium (heart membrane) so the cost compared to TAVR(TAVI) or other prosthetic valves would be less expensive.